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help...i want to know reasons cause s3 overheating?

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Since last month, my Samsung Galaxy S3 was facing a big issue that the handset gets overheating easily. I am not sure whether this problem is causing by the Processor, battery, software or other part of the device…Then I troubleshooted the GS3 myself, and my first idea was to replace a battery so I take out a MPJ 6000mah replacement battery for i9300 which was fully charged and swap it to see if it is the oem battery should be blamed. I don’t know whether I am lucky or not----the result is…yes, I need to replace a battery….the good thing is i don’t need to continue to troubleshoot my phone…


I already know cable, battery or charger malfunction, Low hard disk space and more usage may cause the problem… But still, wander what are the other possible issues might cause Samsung S3 overheating??


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badword me, spam much?, I wouldnt advise anyone buy your shitty batteries if you have to resort to fake posts to sell the things.

Yes, i looked at your profile, thats a lot of phones with battery related `problems` you got there.  Weirdly, the solution you arrive at every time is a crappy knockoff battery from a dodgy seller.

I bet those things were made in a chinese sweatshop and are a) unreliable, b) not as high capacity as you stated and c) probably explode when charged.

Hmm, maybe thats why you have so much trouble with your phones, dodgy replacement batteries lol

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