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[APP][2.3+] Gryphon: Twitter client

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After a hard and long development, I'm proud to present you my new application:
As you can see, it's a new Twitter client.
I'm fully aware of the high number of Twitter clients already available on the Play store.
But I have created this app for 2 reasons:
- learn and play with the Android platform
- have a Twitter client which fit my needs (I am a fan of Falcon Pro and Tweetdeck but they sadly almost disappeared right now).
I started this app a long time ago but the new API policy of Twitter stopped me at one point.
I restart the project this summer after the Droidcon Paris.
What is different from the other Twitter applications?
The first requirement when I started this project was to have the cleanest Timeline presentation as possible.
When I read my timeline, I filter what I want to read with the image of the user.
So what is important for me is the combination of image + text. 
I tried to display on each screen what is really useful.
Almost all tweets have a web link and can lead to 3 type of content:
- image
- video
- web page
So I decided to add a visual indication:
You can click on it and the application will automatically:
- open the web browser if it's a web link
- open the image with zoomable option if it's an Instagram picture for example
- play the video inside in the Gryphon application (I use the Youtube API)
In the tweet details screen, the same concept apply except that the web page is loaded inside the Gryphon app:
The web page is automatically expanded when you start browsing.
You can go back or forward with the action bar buttons:
In the idea to keep the Timeline clean, I decided to move the timestamp outside the tweet.
I chose the solution of displaying the timestamp alongside the scrollbar:
The timestamp only appear during scrolling.
To display the compose screen, you just have to swipe up like following:
And to hide it, you just have to swipe down:
It’s really fast and easy.
Libraries used in Gryphon or API: 
- Action Bar Sherlock (ActionBarSherlock - Home)
- ViewPagerIndicator (ViewPagerIndicator)
- Twitter4j (twitter4j.com)

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