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Web Page As Live Wallpaper

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Hello everybody!

I've gone and produced a webpage (480*800) with the intent of using it on my Android phone. It looks about right in my web browser on my computer, and it's got a few handy items on it. These include a few JavaScript functions:

Random Picture

Random Quote

Running time clock, updated every second

Greeting according to time of day, based on the time clock

Problem is, I've got no idea how I'm going to get this running on my phone!?!? I hadn't really thought about it too much, as I wasn't too sure in the first instance if it was possible. All I can classify it as, is a live wallpaper!

I found an app for it but it's rather slow and doesn't allow me to click the links even though I can use them in my PC web browser. Is there a script I can use for this purpose? Perhaps I can create one? Or is the particular function now a closed source? It'd be a real pity if that's the case.

Here, have a look...


I also have one with a Google search box!

Rather functional, no?


How about a weather widget?


Nifty huh? Well, it won't be much use if I can't get it to work! Any proper nerds know how to go about this situation? I'd appreciate any help you can offer.



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*bump* Honestly? None of you would bother with a feature like this? Think of what you could do! Is it something that is already incorporated into a ROM of some sort or another? Somebody is missing a serious trick here...

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