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AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard

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For all those of you who love typing on a *physical* keyboard like me, I can highly recommend this product from Amazon:


"AmazonBasics Bluetooth keyboard"

I'll try to do a review video today sometime; it comes with a little "V" shaped plastic stand which has two notches in it, so you can stand your tablet on edge, fully supported, at a comfortable viewing/typing angle.

The keyboard is 19.99 from Amazon, comes with 2x AAA batteries, is VERY well made and doesn't skid about, thanks to the great rubber feet on the underside.

HIGHLY recommended:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157636366477866/





http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157636394566213/



Finally, please find attached a ZIP file containing the keymaps pertinent to this exact keyboard model, which re-map @  " \ | # ~ ¬ ` etc, to the correct keys for a UK QWERTY layout (the default seems to be UK, Mac - where @ and " and others are transposed.




### UPDATE ###

The "Keyboard" icon key (second from right, top row, next to "DELETE"), now unlocks the "hudl" when locked - I modded the keymap so that this key is now seen as "MENU" key.


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Hi Glossywhite,


First thank you for your advice and remap ZIP file for Android.


I have a question you might have the answer to, as I also use a bluetooth keyboard (model Trust Entea) and am interested in its mapping.


I'm a Windows user who discovered Autohotkey to make his keyboard a little more convenient by switching media and fuction keys. For example, "Media_Next::F5" code allows me not to hit 'Fn' for F5, etc.


But I have a "Keyboard" icon key I can't remap as I don't know its name. Most keys' names are documented in Autohotkey, but AFAIK not that one. Do you know anything about it? Name, code or whatever may help me?


Sorry to bother you, and for my bad English.

Thanks in advance.

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