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[GAME] Tapper Game, with 8 way to play, multiplayer and online/offline rankings

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Tapper Game is a nice game that will test your reflexes!! In the center of the screen you can see a big colored area. In the bottom of the screen you have 3 colored buttons (tappers). You must push the tapper with the same color of the center. While you playing, center color change, so you must pay attention. If you push the right tapper you gain points and combo. On the contrary you have penalities.
There are a lot of way to play:

- Standard mode
In Standard mode every right tap change the central color. You have 60 seconds, but every 3 combos you gain 1 second, every wrong tap you lose 1 second.

- Easy mode
In Easy mode center color change every 5 seconds. You have 60 seconds, but every 15 combos you gain 1 seconds, every wrong tap you lose 1 second.

- Hard mode
In Hard mode center color change unpredictably (1 to 6 seconds), so its really hard. You have 60 seconds, but every 5 combos for gain 1 second, lose 1 second every wrong tap.

- Impossible mode
In Impossible mode center color change every second. Also you have only 3 seconds. Every 4 combos you gain 1 second, every wrong tap you lose 1 second.

- Climb
Climb is a levels mode. In level 1 center color change every 5 seconds, you have 60 seconds and every 15 combos gain 1 second and every wrong tap you lose 1 second (is the same of easy mode). For gained level 2 you must achieve the requirements: 200 right taps (minimum) and max 25 wrong taps. If you win, you must choose 1 of these three: increase the minimum right taps required (+5, so for second level, for example, becomes 205); decrease the max wrong tap (-1); decrease the changing time of center color (0,2 seconds). 
In this way every next level is more difficult than the previous. Your game remain saved, so if you have gained level 3, you can continue from there! In the free version you can play until level 15, in the pro version there isn't a max level, so you can play until your skils allows!

- Multiplayer modes (only for pro version)
There are 3 funny multiplayer modes, in split screen. These modes are the same of Standard (very funny in multiplayer!), Easy and Hard singleplayer modes, but you don't gain seconds with combos, and don't lose seconds with wrong tap. You have 60 seconds.

There are 2 version, free and pro. In the pro version there are multiplayer, unlimited levels for Climb mode and no ads!


Free version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appearance.team.tapperfree

Pro version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appearance.team.tapper












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