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[APP][2.3+][PAID][TRIAL] Trekker3D

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Trekker3D is a software for hiking enthusiasts that lets you create and use three-dimensional maps.

It consists of two programs : a Windows PC application that creates three-dimensional maps using two-dimensional  georeferenced maps, and an application for Android that uses 3D maps, and is available on GooglePlay market.








The program for Android is commercial, while the Windows program is available for free on www.trekker3d.com

The Android application contains important functionality to navigate while hiking:

  • uses three-dimensional maps of the highest quality
  • use the touch screen with two fingers to move and orient the maps
  • maps have a sky background as natural and pleasing, which can be chosen from among several options
  • the field of view (FOV) of the maps is customizable
  • uses the GPS to show the location on the ground
  • allows the use of external Bluetooth GPS high sensitivity
  • displays tracks in GPX format
  • shows the altitude profiles of the tracks
  • displays waypoints in GPX format, and allows you to create them and place them
  • waypoints can be associated photos
  • measurements may be taken on the ground, length, height, and direction
  • allows you to choose the preferred geographic reference system
  • has many preferences to customize the various features of the maps
  • the accelerometer and electronic compass can be used to orient the map .

Trekker3D is sold without maps. Users of Trekker3D create three-dimensional land starting from georeferenced maps of their property, using the program for Windows PCs Trekker3D Desktop, which is distributed free of charge on www.trekker3d.com


Trekker3D is a program for amateur use, and have absolutely no warranty for professional use.

A trial version is available on Google Play. We strongly recommend that you install the trial version before buy


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