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[App] Statistics & Science, a powerful analyzer of numerical series

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For a limited period of time, you can buy this app at very low price. Also, in this app is included the code of "Holo Random Numbers", so you can buy 2 app at the same time!
A powerful set of instruments for analyze numerical series. There are a lot of features:
- Samsung multiwindows.
- A huge number of information, as mean, trend, sample dimension, variance and others.
- Smart insert, you can choose numeric separator (default is space) for a quickly copy and paste (there is a button for very quickly paste from clipboard). You can use point or comma as decimal separator.
- A random generator tool, with the code of another our app (Holo Random Numbers).
- Sample manager, in every moment you can sort in ascending or descending order, change the number separator and export as txt.
- Automatic generation of frequencies distribution, with every kind of data (frequencies, relative frequencies, cumulative frequencies, etc.), you can also set a number of classes (n1<=x<n2).
- 5 different charts (scatter, linear, scatter+linear, bar and pie).
- You can save, manage and delete your sample.
All in holo dark style!
Coming soon: navigation drawer and combination of 2 sample, for chart with multiple series and calculation of linear regression and othe kind of statistical values!









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30/10/2013, update:

added 1° and 3° quartile and Pearson's skeeness;

fixed a bug about trend;

added 2 new charts.

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New update, version 1.3:
- fix crash when export sample as txt;
- fix problem with rename sample;
- added kurtosis, relative standard deviation;
- layout improvements and large screen optimization;
- multiple samples analisys, you can combine the averages of your saved samples for recalculate all;
- various improvements.

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Update, version 1.4:

- calculation of correlation, with line equation (only with combination of 2 series of the same length);

- advanced random generation tool (choosing quantity, deviation and mean);

- great layouts improvements, especially in landscape;

- improvements tablet optimization;

- added navigation drawer;

- various bug and crash fix.

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Update, version 1.4:

- size of the application significantly reduced.

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