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Bricked Blade 3

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Hi everybody! :D

Well, I've bricked my ZTE Blade III somehow. Anyhow, I had KonstaT's CM10.2 (the newest version, 11.10) and everything was working fine overclocked at 1190MHz.


Then I saw this post about making cyanogenmod even faster and smoother and have decided to try it myself. First (and last :D) item was swap partition for removing lag for bigger apps. So, I went here (just followed the first link inside tutorial) and started the job (since I saw here that ZTE Blade III with CM10.1 can have swap partition, I've decided to give it a try). I have decided to try it using the tutorial from xda-developers since it used sdcard for swap partition, I figured it would be safer, what could possibly go wrong :D .And, as I followed tutorial, partitioned my sdcard, configured Swapper 2, and then, after rebooting, well, it was more of a shutdown than a reboot. After that point the device was dead. :(

I haven't had any app on my sdcard, so formating it shouldn't be the problem. Also, I've made a full backup before doing it, and restored my sdcard data, but it did not help, and I've tried starting the device without sdcard plugged in before doing it (just for caution), and everything worked fine.

The device does not respond to adb nor fastboot. Drivers should not be the problem since I did it on linux and it worked few weeks before when I flashed CM10.2.

I've also tried the DFU on windows 7 with the drivers installed. Without any success. (I'm not really sure how it's supposed to look when you successfully enter the DFU. If it's the good old black screen, then it is possible I've successfully entered the DFU, but program not starting any process, after following instructions, gave me the idea it failed.)

And now I don't know what to do anymore and I hope I missed something stupidly simple that can fix my phone. Also, I know I've should have probably asked that on the xda-developers where I saw the tutorial, but I've decided to try here first, sorry ;)

Any suggestions are very very very welcome :D



P. S. I suggest You all to follow the same tutorial I have since I haven't had any lag since then :D (or it's all just one huge lag, not really sure)

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