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Javed Islam

Reverting to Original ROM like the first time

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Basically, I've got an Huawei Acsend G300 and after that, there was an update on my phone and I updated (without thinking) and it made my phone much slower and buggy. And one of my biggest mistake after updating is, rooting and installing a custom ROM. I regretted doing that. Now I want my original rom back just like how it was when I bought it but, I don't want to do it my self so, is it possible to get it back to normal just like another fresh phone from a shop or something?

And please be specific, thank you.

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I know you said that you don't want to do it yourself but...

I'd suggest trying a stock GB B895 based ROM such as AtomicMod, Slim or SuperSlim. I'm using the latter and it's great.

See the individual threads on these.

It is very easy and not risky to install these but do read up on them first and don't do anything if you are not sure what you are doing.

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That will install an unofficial bootloader (meaning you won't be able to upgrade via OTA). You need to flash an official GB ROM after that.

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