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Camera problem cm 10.2

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Hi,  Im facing with camera problem after I installed cm 10.2; my camera is very laggy and displaying lanes


Is it normal ?   here is a video that explains it : http://videobam.com/YrZzm  Help me!  :unsure: 


( It also happens when I install any cm 9 - cm 10 versions , gb roms are working fine )

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This usually happens as a result of overclocking the cpu a bit too much.  Set max cpu frequency to 604mhz or under and it should work properly again.

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Can anyone upload the gb camera driver for cm 10.2? is it possible


I dont think that will work.

Have you tried any of the camera apps on the play store or on xda?

On my old gen1 blade, I had the exact same problem as you with an ics rom (i sold my blade a long time ago). In my case dropping the max cpu frequency worked. I ended up switching back to a gb rom anyway because the early ics build i was using stuttered a lot.  The blade is quite old now, maybe cm 9/10 is just too much for the old girl, certainly mine was struggling with ics.

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