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Is it really fixed ???

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Hi everyone , im a new user but i was reading this forum and some other for a g300. I got xynih flash memory, i know its bad 3.4 kernel(not really shure what it is but i think its jelly bean),

But i read on androidsrbija forum that something nightly or idk is fixed for this memory and i really want jelly bean on huawei i saw there is official 4.1 jelly bean on huawei web site , i used aotkp i think, now i used stock+ rom cuz when i saw xynih memory i scared and went here. So please if there is chance without my phone dying on having jelly bean PLEASE TELL ME.



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It's not confirmed until someone on hynix takes the latest CWM, formats /system, /data, /cache with it, installs the latest nightly and has no problems.


Since switching on the nightlies again there have been no deaths, but for all we know it may not have been CM causing them in the first place.


tl;dr: maybe.

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