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Touchscreen not responding

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Hey guys,


Today, when coming back home, I dropped my phone and a thin (not that deep) crack appeared on the upper right side of the screen.


As the phone had no battery left, I just left it charging and tried to turn it on - the touchscreen isn't responding anymore.


It's not the first time it happens, mind you, last time it happened the phone had no battery and when I put it charging it wasn't responding. I figured it could be the same thing this time, but as it fell I'm worried...


I'm studying in Brazil right now, and I've got to use a smartphone to use WhatsApp and be in contact with everyone at home/people here, as free SMS aren't a thing in this place. I hope there's a way to fix this, so, let me know. And I'm not buying one here for overprice/warranty reasons.


I'm even willing to buy a new screen and try to fix it, but first I want to know about alternatives. Is there some sort of diagnosis I can make?



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