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touchscreen troubles

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Morning all, i am a new member , and am having a problem with the touchscreen on a huawei g300, the main screen is fine, but bottom buttons do not work at all, any ideas please anyone thankyou.


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Evening jack,

By bottom buttons, i presume you mean the hardware capacitive buttons and not an onscreen menu strip?

Has this just started happening, or have the buttons never worked?

What version of android is the phone running and is it a custom rom?, there may be functions that turn on/off the buttons functions hidden in the settings menus somewhere.

Other than that, it could be grease or dirt messing them up, easily solved by cleaning them with a damp cloth.

Also, if you havnt already, reboot the phone and see if the problem goes away.

A last resort would be a factory reset, hopefully it wont come to that though.

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