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Phone Low on Storage

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Hi everyone,


I recently changed my huawei from gingerbread (stock) to Cyanogenmod and I couldn't be happier! My cellphone was slow and sluggish and after this change it's performing quite faster now.


One problem I'm having now is that some of the apps I download, even from google play store, install directly on my internal storage, the one with roughly 800mb memory, I'm assuming that this is my Huawei's flash memory (?), and I can't move them to my SD card since the option is grayed out..


Is there any reason for this to be happening? This happens with games, browsers, social media apps, and few others, which makes it sort of restraining because the cellphone has a 2gb internal sd and a 8gb external sd.. (and I can't install nothing on my 8gb SD, god knows why..)


Is there anyway to solve this problem?


Thanks for all.

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If you have recently flashed CM10.2 check /data/lost+found with any root explorer for a buildup of files, as builds before 25/11 have a problem when setting the SD card as primary storage, which fills up this folder you can delete theses files if this is the problem

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Thanks for your quick answer.


I've used cyanogenmod File Manager.

That folder is empty..

When you're talking about builds, you're saying apps builds? (why does this happens?)


My CyanogenMod version is: 10.2-20131119-NIGHTLY-u1-8815

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Just change default storage to external. Either in settings-storage or by adding "persist.sys.vold.switchexternal=1" to build.prop

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