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TPT and ROM problem ZTE Skate

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So, i've done all the steps fron this tutorial:
  • Download TPT option you want
  • Unzip the zip where you want and you'll have a folder named image with two files inside
  • Copy this folder and paste it in the root of the SD card mobile. If your SD is in "E: \", the folder path is: "E: \ image"
  • With mobile completely off and fully loaded, press [VOL +] + [KEY MENU] + [ON]
  • You will be repartitioned the internal phone memory, and have CWM Recovery in version
  • Start the recovery and install the ROM you want, for example, this: > LINK <
  • After installing the ROM, you can delete the folder image to avoid having future problems without wanting to give that combination of buttons that you delete everything.


, and all good, the ROM gives me the "instalation complete" message, and then i go and reboot ny phone. After that, the screen freezes with the green android logo, and tha's that. I tried different ROM's of different sizes (bigger than 100 mb ). what can i do?????

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When you flashed the TPT did you see the green progress bar or text? It's just that I've never copied the folder across, but rather the image.bin file to the root of the SD card.


If the ROM you're trying to install is too large for the TPT you've applied then you'll get stuck at the Android logo.

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