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[MOD]Lidroid Toggles [JB4.1.2 Stock][V1]

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Hello Everyone


As most of us know the acer shell Disabled is lacking functionality due to not having quicktoggles


so what i did was add them :p


If u ENABLE acer shell u get sideswipe view to show toggles ;) because i didnt want to mess with the layouts i added swipe view :p

and for the DISABLED acer shell u get the Lidroid toggles at their know location ;)

currently it needs small fix with layout in height but its fixable xD





Video: of how it works on ENABLED SHELL 






Lidroid settings






How to install ??


Download the apk

Goto Terminal emulator app 



"mount -o remount,rw / system"

Now goto root explorer 

and to the System/App folder

Rename the systemui.apk thats there to Systemui.apk.bak

Rename the systemui.odex thats there to Systemui.odex.bak

Now place the Systemui.apk that u downloaded there

and set permissions to 

x  x




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Can u put text under them?

u can do

i only changed in layout to 0.0dip

i currently only released it fast as i had small time left to upload

tomorrow school and after i have some Things need to do with stages and podiums and music stuff so verybusy these weeks sorry

all my stuff are editable sotry ur best ;)

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