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SPV Battery and consequences of power loss

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I recharged my battery last night (around 6pm), played with it for around 20 mins, surf the web a little and received a couple of phone calls. Woke up this morning and the thing is on 1 bar power already!!!!

Seems to be getting worse already!! I've been careful and made sure that I've turned off the GPRS connection when I'm not using it, disabled unnecessary sounds etc.

When I received my SPV I charged it for 6 hours (it says in the handbook only 3 hours are required). Did anyone charge it for 16 hours or so for the first charge and how are you guys getting along with it?

I've also been reading that some people have been waiting for their phones to totally discharge before recharging and this has improved the battery life. However, in the book, it says that if you totally run it down then you will lose data. The phone ran out of juice a few days ago and though I didn't lose my contacts or my messages, the phone lost it's pop3 settings for my email, lost the owner information, lost the remove programs uninstall for all newly installed apps (though the actual apps were still present), my installed apps had expired or needed re-registering and Active Sync didn't recognise it as a connection partner!!!

It seems power loss lost some bits but not others, all very confusing! I can't see how the battery recharge cycle that some people are doing is practical considering all these problems!!!

Any thoughts greatly appreciated

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The SPV uses a Lithium-Ion battery, so the standard LiIon rules apply:

* They like to be stored fully charged.

* They prefer to be trickle-charged (e.g. left in cradle/charger an constantly topped-up).

* They should *never* be allowed to fully discharge - dropping below about 20% of capcity will reduce the amount of time they will hold out for a number of charges.

* Constatly allowing to fully discharge will drastically reduce the lifetime of the battery.

Personally, I reckon the best bet is to keep some form of charger with you, and perhaps to turn it off at times when you don't want o be disturbed (e.g. when asleep!).

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