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Driver issues or something else?

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Hey all,


I recently tried to put r8 on my Advent Vega and must have done something wrong as when I switch it on it comes up with 'Booting...' and doesn't get any further.


I've tried to flash ModdedStock (both versions), the Advent stock ROM (both through AUDI and by itself), and put CMD back on (as when I go into recovery mode CMD doesn't appear) but there seems to be a problem with the driver as no matter how many times I reinstall the correct driver through AUDI it tells me it's not the recovery driver and the ModdedStocks and Stock ROM both can't see the tablet. Obviously, I can't switch into ADB mode as I can't boot my tablet fully and I'm at a loss about what I should do next.


Is it finally dead?

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I fixed the driver problem. After much annoyance with Windows I discovered I had automatic digital signature detection turned on. This is now turned off and I can get the proper drivers to work. Hurray!

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