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Help Please:- Struggling to find a compatible set of headphones for my Android MPai I9500 device running android 4.2.2

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Help Please , I have a Mpai i9500 , great bit of kit , it's my back up phone to my galaxy s4 , the headphones that came with the Mpai I9500 are pretty rubbish to be honest but they do work , remote , mic and earphones.


I would like to use a better pair of headphones


I have tried my Samsung galaxy s4 headphones and a cheap android compatible pair from eBay on the phone  the sound works for listening to music  , BUT the mic does not work and the remote buttons do not work......


The Mpai i9500 is running android 4.2.2 , I have had a look for a headset app for perhaps re-configuring headsets , but I've not really found anything that is made to fix the problem.


Does anyone know of a solution via a app or a link to a compatible set of headphones.......if required , I would be happy to root the phone if required.


TIA :)

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I think this is due to the way the headphone socket is wired up (the placement of the black bands on the headphone jack that isolate the left/right/mic/ground lines). As such, i dont think there is a software solution, you will need a converter cable.  I got a cheapo pair of in ear headphones from tesco that had an adaptor cable in the box that changed the pin wiring for different headphone socket configurations, i guess you need something similar.  There are quite a few cable adapters on amazon, the problem is finding the correct one for your device, i have no idea how many different wiring configurations there are. Or u could break out the soldering iron and cobble one together yourself. 

Hope this helps....

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