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Dual SIM phones: Barring calls/texts from one sim slot by default?

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More and more dual sim phones enter the market. This allows to run two complementary mobile phone contracts along each other. For example, one with a flatrate for phone calls and another one with a flatrate for internet or texts. I use such a set up.


Consequently, I look for a way to bar calls from a sim that is intended for internet/text usage. Do you know whether and how that would be possible?



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Have you looked at using a data only plan for the sim you dont want calling features on?

Something like this http://giffgaff.com/goodybags/3gb-mobile-broadband  £12.50 for 3gigs isnt a bad deal really.

I presume any data only sim would work, for example a one ment for a 3g dongle, although you probably need to check the terms of service as some providers are a bit sniffy about what device you put their data sims into (Its very unlikely they will bother doing anything if you do use it in another device though, iv certainly never heard of anyone getting their sim blocked doing this).

So have one sim for flatrate calls/texts with data disabled in the sim settings and the data only one for the internet connection.  Most duel sim phones have a 2g and a 3g sim slot, so you probably dont want internet enabled on the 2g slot anyway.

Hope this helps......

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