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re-Odex Script Blade V -root needed-

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After trying a load of odexing scripts on xda (and all over the web). I eventually came across a script by MatrixDJ96 over at xda that works on the ZTE Blade V.

Its a simple script that re-odexes only the system apps. Freeing up much needed space for user app installation.



So, after flashing a new rom, Delete all the unwanted junk apps that are installed in /system. (Root is required to perform these actions)




Run SystemCleanup (from the app store) to delete all the classes.dex files which is located in the davlink-cache. (its these files that use up space in the User partition of the phone)




Install Odex BladeV.zip file via CWM (this will install Android Terminal Emulator and other files needed to reodex the rom)


Once installed reboot phone


Open up the Terminal app






and follow on screen instructions.


Odexing takes a while. Make sure you have enough free space in /system for the new files about 200mb free should be more than enough.


once odexing has finished in Terminal just type


Then phone will reboot.


Finally run SystemCleanup to delete any files left over by the Odexing.




After doing this i Have 225MB free in /system and 969MB free in /data



(The reodexing file is not made by me, I just found one that works on our phone all credit goes to MatrixDJ96 at XDA for this. Here is a link to his thread)

Odex BladeV.zip

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