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Cube U30GT2 - Super slow, need help please!

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Hi All,

I bought for my wife on a recommendation a Cube U30GT2.

Unfortuntely the Amazon seller was in China and I was not informed of this.


The tablet itself is nice (but heavy) but it is suuuuuper slow and crashes constantly.

I hope this down to the rubbish Chinese version of Android.

So Anyway, I would like to know if anyone knows if alterning the android version to a stock Google one will solve the problems with this machine?

Thanks a lot.

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Judging by the posts in this forum http://www.arctablet.com/blog/forum/cube-u30gt2/  Installing a custom rom does help a bit.  There are a few roms in that forum that get rid of the chinese crap and unnecessary services as well as adding root access etc. 


Dont accidently flash any u30gt roms onto your u30gt2, rockchip based tablets are an absolute pain to unbrick.

Hope this helps....

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