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Lister Of Smeg

Difference between UK Orange SanFran vs P729V?

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Hi Guys,

First off, I know this is the wrong place to post the question... (so feel free to move it...) However when I was last a member/user of this ZTE forum, it was actually myself who asked to have the ROM section tidied up of posts like this, to which no one seemed bothered/interested.

And yet, when I posted a question in the normal discussion section. I noticed loads of people viewed, yet no one answered?? Which sadly lead to the death of my ZTE Blade after trying to solve it myself, I ended up cutting through the ribbon of the LCD display... :(  And so I moved onto the Samsung Note (N7000).

However I want to buy a Blade again, as I miss going back to Froyo / Gingerbread / HoneyComb / ICS / JellyBean and now KitKat on it... :)

1) So can anyone tell me, what's the difference between the official UK Orange San Fransisco vs a P729V model?

2) Is it Gen 1 or Gen 2 by default?

3) Does it have the same amount of RAM, 512Mb? or is it cripled to 256Mb?

4) Can I use the usual Unlock APK to unlock the network, or is it already unlocked?

5) Can I use the normal TPT's and common ROMs in this thread?

I appreciate any help you guys can give me re: the above... And hope to be back on board as part of the ZTE Blade club again... ;)

Thanks, Lister

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Fear not guys, 140x views and no replies....


The offer has gone now, and can't get my hands on one now... So won't be coming back to ZTE community sadly.. ;(


Guess the Blade has reached EOL now.... :(

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