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Newbie- how to load custom room-CM11 on Huawei G300

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Hi there,

I wanted to root my Huawei G300 and load CM 11 on it (Android  Kitkat) from

http://www.modaco.com/topic/367019-kk-442-cyanogenmod-110-rom-nightly-builds-available/.This is was the  first time I done any kind of rooting and I followed this tutorial :


up to the  number 6 (I installed bootloader and clockwork mod).

However, now Im stucked as this tutorial listed only 3 options for loading actual custom rom as follows;

I want to install a custom Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) ROM (recommended)

I want to install a custom Jelly Bean (JB) ROM I want to install the official Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update

I wanted to load KitKat which is not included in these, so my question to you is how I gonna proceed now in order to load this rom safely?.Please give me step by step intructions as I'm afraid I will brick my phone (Im very new to this).

Also I found this http://www.modaco.com/topic/367187-gapps-for-cm11-last-updated-2014-01-17/ .What is it and is it needed it with the rom and if so how to load it?Thanks for your replies

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you must have a working recovery for your phone and then download copy the zip file of rom and gapps in sd card then go into recovery and perform wipe data factory reset and cache then go into advance wipe delvik cahce go to mount and storage or it will be mount format system format cache and select mount system mount data then go back select install zip and select your rom it will work on first boot it will take 5-10 minutes dont worry about that

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Also as a relatively newbie to rooting the G300 can someone please answer the following for me. I successfully installed a custom ICS ROM using the instructions quoted above. I have now tried to install CM11 but it wouldn't install quoting "Status 7" so I reinstalled ICS. I understand from these Forums that I now need CWM to install CM11 whereas I'm currently using CWM The question I have is can I upgrade to  using or is it better to download ROM manager from the Google play store? After going this far I don't want to brick it.

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