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Latest ZTE Crescent/Blade S/SFII Kernel - No Overclock

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Edit# only use the new kernel on GB Roms/android 2.3 and lower.


I finally figured out how to use Koushe's script to make a kernel flashable in CWM recovery and compatible with any rom, thats right, no need to repack the kernel on each rom install!


The only change I know in the kernel is a fix for the internal storage showing full when it isn't.


This kernel is only for P736V (Crescent, SII, Blade S) devices and is taken from Androlim (credit to LeMatx and everyone involved in the project). This also means your phone will show Androlim Splash screen.

If anyone has source for the new ZTE Kernel for the P736E, let me know and I will package that also.


A couple of notes:


* The kernel has been updated, but the version in android settings>about will look the same as before. (I do not know how to update the version)


* The kernel has no overclocking support, for that refer to one of the older overclocking kernels on the forum. From what I have seen enabling overclocking is much more complicated and involves opening and changing the details of the kernel scripts itself. I will leave that to the more knowledgeable at least for now.


Credits too:


Androlim team




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