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Alex Dimitri Song Billong

Need to take the phone back...

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I've got a problem with the headphone jack not staying in the socket. I don't think it's going in fully. Maybe there's a foreign body in the socket but I can't see anything.


I want to take the phone back to the shop but I've unlocked the bootloader and rooted. Do I need to reverse both these steps before I take the phone back? Or can I just re-lock the bootlader?



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I think it probably depends on who you bought if from.


For example, if it were from Tesco, in the UK, I'm pretty certain they simply check the phone returned matched the IMEI on the order, and little more. (I know when I had a faulty tablet from them they didnt check to see if it had been rooted or had a cusomt recovery image (which it did).


Other retailers might be more pro-active and check for bootloader unlock and/or root.

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