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[APP] Insultator

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Hello everyone, I present to you the newest application released by me Insultator
As the name suggests, the app is based on the generation of insults. Unlike similar app that lets you listen to the insult generated (via TTS) and also view / listen to it in other languages ​​(English, French, German). It is also possible to manually add your personal insults and display statistics on the number of insults generated. 
Well what to say, you just have to try 
Any feedback is welcome 
N.B. if you have any funny insults do not hesitate to send them to me ... I will add them.


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New version is available

- Added ability to share (WhatsApp, email, etc) the voice playback of the insult
- Added new insults

- Added insult widget

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A new version is available

Used for standard address book contacts search
Possibilità di condividere il post-it insulto in formato Jpeg
Changed graphics

Have fun sharing the post-it emo_im_happy.png

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