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[Help][Q][Lucky Patcher]Root problem

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Hey mates,i'm using FAGYI's CM11 KK 4.4.2 rom on my Skate (it's a verry cool rom for any advanced user) and i wanted to use LUCKY PATCHER to delet licens verification on an app and i'm geting som dialog the one on the screenshoot (the screenshoot is french ,sory for that i'm french user) ,and to make reeding it easy for any one who wants to help , it says : "Root acces not working properli! you must have a real root acces to continue...(PLease update busybox or super SU!)...PLease install SuperSU using: problem resolution>Install superSU(ics)) in order to update SU binarys" noting that i have LUCKY PATCHER UP TO DATE installed on my device memory (used .apk puted on my sd root) (i have an kingstone 32GB Class 4)
Thank for your futur answers and sorry if there is some english mistakes :p






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