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[Game] Pixel Conquest

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Pixel Conquest is a scoring game , where the goal is to reach the maximum distance in a hostile environment.
In Pixel Conquest you play a survival  pixel in space. The two types of enemies in the game are red Pixums and black hole expanding.
Game development began this Sunday, February 23 and the final version was published Thursday, February 27 .
My goal was to see if I could make a quality game in 48 hours. Unfortunately I was not able to achieve this objective ,
and I passed some days. Anyway I 'm quite proud of the final result.
The technology used to create this game are :
- C + + with the NDK .
- Google Api client to send your score and show the Leaderscore.
- OpenGL ES ( graphical  ) and OpenSL ES ( audio ) .
The game is multi-platform, a windows/linux version is available. Tell me If you want to test a desktop 
computer, I'll post a link .



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