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Need Help with my ZTE Blade

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I have a big problem with my ZTE Blade/Orange san francisco/zte blade pm1107-Zte Racer, I tried to root my phone as soon as I got it and downloaded a rom, put it in my sdcard in a image folder, closed my phone and pressed menu+volume up+turn on and some green text appeared with a progress and after that my screen just got blank and random red blinkings.
I left it to rest for 10 minutes and it didn't do anything.
I removed the battery and tried to turn it on and same radom blinking with a bit of vibrating now and then.
I tried some fixes from this forum but when I press now Menu+Volume Up+turn on doesn't do nothing, not seeing the green text anymore, also when I press Volume Up + Turn on doesnt go into any mode, when I press Volume Down + Turn On it doesn't go into FTM mode either, the only mode working is downloading mode when i press both volume buttons + turn on because I can see the phone on my PC.


I tried unbricking mothods as instructed in this forum like Method 5 : ZTE Firmware Flasher but
it doesn't go into FTM mode to finish all the steps.

All the time phone's screen is blank, no logos, texts... what can I do to fix my phone, I just got the damn thing? Thanks?

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I tried it yesterday and today just now again, I tried EUropean Gen 1 TPT, European Gen 2 TPT and that china one with 2 different sd cards but when I press the Home+Volume Up+On it doesn't show anything on the screen. The red light has a different pattern but eventually just goes into same vibrating/blinking pattern.

I believe it's GEN1, I didn't had time to put AskMrP to find the gen. The phone it's from Italy, it had english and italy language only. Android 2.1update1 I remember.


I tried with these 3 different tpt gens:





I'm newbye at these things.

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