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Mig 2D Retro shooter

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Mig 2D: Retro Shooter
Year: 2014
Genre: Scroll shooter, Shoot 'em up
Developer: Herocraft
Language: Multi/English
Version: 1.0.0
Platform: Android 2.1+
Screen Resolution: All
Mig 2D puts you in control of a legendary fighter plane as you battle hordes of metal monstrosities with your arsenal of various upgradeable weapons. 
 With 3 of the toughest shoot em up bosses ever it'll be a flight to remember!
Hp3OwpZ.jpg  jlBTmWy.jpg  7wWCRYL.jpg  
- Giant level bosses
- Several mini-games
- More than a dozen levels of intense gameplay
- Variety of upgradable weapons
- Thrilling storyline and various missions
- Air, sea and ground enemies
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