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Unable to update to ICS - B892 - Huawei G300

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Hi MoDaCo users, 

       I bought a second hand Huaewi G300 on ebay and I think the previous owner rooted it to its current state of B892. I am unable to install the B895 over the air update and thus not able to get subsequent offical updates to ICS.



    When I attempt to install the over the air offical update to B895, I am presented with the following error report:

Checking patch files....

assert failed: apply_patch_check("/system.build.prop","ac598a5a321b37d30d1ce8edafabf2c9523b859", "9ab8f4f494af0aa256193fd0a53efdae8c30ecca")

pid=114, staturs=1792

E:Error in sd/card/HwOUC.update.zip

(Status 7)

Formatting /cache....

Installation aborted.



I would be very grateful if someone could please help me solve this issue or even just explain some of the confusing code jargon.

Thank you in advance :)



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Bump. I would be really appreciative of the help. I was hoping the ICS update could improve sound issues and picture quality. If not, I'll just chalk this up to experience and sadly purchase new phone.

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It sounds like you are failing to update via OTA. Go here and download the UPDATE.app. http://consumer.huawei.com/en/mobile-phones/support/downloads/detail/u8815-en.htm?id=13968. Copy only the dload folder to your external sd card and turn your phone off. Hold power and both volume keys and you should see a progress bar. Once it is finished it will automatically wipe your phone and boot you into ICS.






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