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Bricked state / CWM not working

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The phone is a SFR Staraddict; since yesterday when i boot it it goes directly in FTM mode, so i tried to flash by the OSF flasher patched by radmi the cwm ( i put it into the "file" directory and renamed it recovery.img). It succesfully flash so the phone has rebooted,into the CWM. But now it's impossible to change line and select options. The only thing i can do is press the power button : the phone freeze on the cwm logo until i press a for the second time the power button and it goes back to the menu.

Can someone help me please?

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Turn off the phone and you need Power+Volume-(down)+Home to get bootloader ( stuck on the android logo ) and flash the working recovery to your device ;)


I recommend to erase your recovery partition before you flash it with fastboot. ( fastboot erase recovery ) then you can flash it safely.

( fastboot flash recovery recovery.img then fastboot boot recovery.img and you will get a booted recovery without reboot or something like that) ;)

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