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Need help/advice

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Hi,sorry if i was not supposed to post here,but my Blade III got me crazy :O

Here is the problem-i got MANY reboots everyday! Its nuts! Someone calls me-reboots...i unlock-reboots etc.

Its not the rom 100% Because i tryed all roms and on everyone i get reebots...Even STOCK!

I dont know what to do,i sent it on repair,they said everything is ok and 2 days later i got reboots again...I think they only did data wipe or reflashed stock :P If someone knows what to do,please tell me!

P.S. My phone is only couple of months old,so its not dying on me xD 

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Batery is probably loose. Put a piece of paper between batery and batery case, on the bottom. That's it!

Ok,i'll try...and forgot to say,sometimes when phone reboots,it says that battery is like at 8% need charger,but i know its charged,so i reboot it again and its 90%

Sry for bad english

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