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[ROM] Midnight Rom V1 [Stock Based][2014-03-30]

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Midnight Rom 
A ROM based on the original Acer_AV051_S500_1.063.00_WW_GEN1 Acer JellyBean Stock Rom
A ROM That wakes up in the night and makes the usability nicer,smoother, and Jellybeany.


Installing this ROM is at your own risk. This ROM has been tested by me for short period of time, it can happen that something can go wrong with your phone. By installing this ROM you agree with this disclaimer, therefore I can not be held responsible for any damage to your phone. 
Feel free to copy, modify or redistribute any of my work and/or code, please give credits to the right person when doing this! 

Midnight Control. 
Customizable Statusbar Clock
Kitkat lockscreen clock font
Disabled Acer Shell for pure minimal UI 
Nova launcher ( taken from Reca )
Lidroid Toggles

Disabled Signature checks
CM10 Statusbar Layouts
PotatoINC Mods included ( My bros made these :3)
Customizable Statusbar Color
Gesture Statusbar with lots of actions.

No BootAnimation included ( saves space )
Framework optimization 
Customizable Battery Icon
Left Clock 
Right Clock
Center CLock

Black Background
a Build-Prop Editor
Disable ScrollinCache
Cleaned from Acer bloat
(removed almost2/300 MB of Bloatware)
Enabled Acer Shell PowerMenu
Added UKSM to the stock Kernel ( Used Reca Ramdisk though)
NO XPOSED! ( Why ? i love modding android for real not by some app although it can be installed but i have no idea how it will react on my mods)







  1. Download TWRP or CWM 
  2. Wipe Data/Factory reset
  3. Wipe Dalvik Cache
  4. Wipe Cache
  5. Install zip from sdcard
  6. choose zip
  7. Install it 
  8. Reboot
  9. and done



Msettings.png Mcontrol.png AboutM.png

Mhome.png Mlock.png Mepm.png

Mstat1.png Mstat2.png Mstat3.png


Bugs and/or Issue's:

The Clock once installed isnt appearing just goto Settings/Midnight Control/Clock and change Alignment or press the Round button in actionbar.
The Clock is white ? We are working on this but u can assign custom color for it ;)


V1.0 Released
Enough features for a first build.


V2.0 *W.I.P*

Added Flashlight Toggle
Fixed Toggle settings
* More to come* 


Bobbes for Reca Kernel ramdisk + Nova Launcher APK 
SuperSu for Su
Acer.zip for meta inf ( modded it :P )
PotatoInc for some mods
Eclipse for use on making new settings app
CM for CM layout of statusbar
Lidroid for Lidroid Toggles
SpaceCaker for tons of stuff

Edited by Spacecaker

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If it`s based on stock I think gps works now , need to install gapps ? 

Edited by ac3r

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i have no single clue
Gravity box also says that thou can not use this on custom roms.
and i will also not support it 
as i made this rom to be non xposed because i wanted it to be made of and with Pure experience and knowledge of modding.
Hide navbar or such u have Fullscreen app from play store 

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change in settings to stop disconnecting...... it auto disconnects when lock screen according to android behaviour changei t ot never

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