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Prestigio Duo 5044 - MTK chipset 6589

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I have ditched Apple for good and my experiment with Blackberry is proving to be a disappointment, so the future is Android.  I was in Maplin today and came across two Prestigio models.  One was a huge beast of a thing along the lines of one of those big Samsungs, and the other was a more modest 5" screen.  I am interested in this: http://www.play.com/stores/PrestigioPlaza/listing/868280956 because it is dual sim - I presently have two phones - so it would be handy to have only one handset.  I also like the fact that it comes supplied with a book-style flip cover, which will save me tearing my hair out trying to find something that will fit.


I have watched a pretty impressive 23 minute You Tube video which more or less sold me on the phone, but would welcome the opinion of those in the know as to whether this would be a satisfactory phone for day to day use.  I am not a game player nor do I see the point of watching videos on such a teeny, tiny screen.


Thanks, people.

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