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Help with UPDATE.APP - Huawei G 300

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Hello everyone! Just yesterday I managed to flash SuperRecovery and Cyanogenmod 9.1 to my former ICS baseband 2030 (emmc=Hinyx) Huawei G300 and all was going perfect, except the moment I stupidly decided to see if icould Downgrade to Ginderbread B895 - noob here :(. Now my phone is stuck in boot logo, cannot enter Recovery, Volume + and Power doesn't work, adb and fastboot do not detect my device and the only solution left is the forced update to a stock ROM. Alas, every single stock ROM i try, even "middlepackage" does not complete the procedure - the pink bar of progress stops after some time. 

I upload the files to my ext sd card through card reader, i have formatted it (it's basicly now empty) and i place them in the upper level /dload/UPDATE,APP. Am I doing something wrong? Or my device is basicly dead? Is there any other way to revive the phone? Thank you in advance, sorry about my English.

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