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Huawei Ascend Y300 - 0151 "Bricked"

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Okay this is my first time Posting stuff and I hope I posted it in the right place lol. I have a rooted Huawei Ascend Y300 -0151 and I cannot go past the Telecom loading screen when I turn my phone on. when I turn my phone on and hold both the the Volume up and down buttons it just comes up with updating firmware and I cannot go into the settings where I hard reset my phone. It started happening after I installed an app call "Animmod" that changes the transitions on the phone. Need help please im a noob at this s*** and I need my phone going so I can finish off my tutorial.  

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use power+volume up to go into recovery(to hard reset). but i think your issue might require more than just hard reset; restore a nandroid backup(if u made one), reflash firmware or flash a custom rom.

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