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Well, well, The screen fix update appears to work

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I'm sure you can tell by the subject of this thread that I was initially a little bit sceptical about this fix, but what do you know....I think it actually works!

Oh dear I've just tempted fate.

I've used my Hudl extensively from 6pm to 12 both Sunday and Monday (yesterday) and from 6pm to the moment of writing this post now......I've not had one single screen freeze, random screen presses or lagging key presses and I used to get them a lot.

The only thing I experienced last night was a bout of double key presses on the qwerty when I clearly only pressed once.

I don't think that's too bad at all, given most of my Android devices do this now and again.

Overall I'm impressed and very happy that I don't have to take Hudl number two back to Tesco.

I love my Hudl once again :)

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On the flip side, I was lucky to not experienced the screen issues, so I was wary of the update in case it caused screen issues on my hudl - seems converse, but stranger things have happened. Thankfully I've seen no such problems still.

It may be placebo but the screen seems more responsive to very soft touches now, or is that just my imagination? Similarly scrolling through large documents/app drawers seems smoother now, but that may again be my imagination.

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No imagination, even 'unaffected' hudls have increased responsiveness. Well done Tescos - shame it took so long and realistic fix delivery times appear to have been over optimistic for want of a better balanced view.

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