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recover contacts and data, dead LCD

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Hi. After my G300 dropped, lcd start behave strangely and often won't turn on. Phone itself working, I can receive calls etc. But from one day lcd is completely dead and nothing can be seen. So how I can download data/contacts from phone without seen anything on screen? I have installed B953 Slim V13 (http://www.modaco.com/topic/362085-best-rom/page-4?hl=%2Bmagyg#entry2160718). Thnx

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Would MyPhoneExplorer be of any use here?




I presume that Airdroid isn't without a working screen...?




Edit: another possible option?



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If you lost data from your android phone, 
the first thing, check out the backup, whether you have synced the data to Gmail account, or saved on your pc.
Then, you should never add more data to your phone after data loss, cuz they can take up more space, the lost data will be overwritten.
Last thing, you can try recovery methods, you can also try professional data recovery program, video recovery for android

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