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iOcean X8 Review and other info

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Hi :)

For some time now I have this really cool phone, called iOcean X8. It is a new model from iOcean company. It is their new flagship, I have to say that they have done really good job creating this phone. And you will see later why I am telling you this now. So let's begin.

Main Technical specs

CPU: MT6592 1.7GHz Octa-core
GPU: Mali 450
OS: Android 4.2
Screen Size: 5.7 inch, 1920X1080 pixels FHD
Screen Type: LTPS screen, Gorilla glass III, OGS
Band: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Wifi: 802.11 b/g/n
GPS: Yes
Gyro: Yes
Light Sensor: Yes
G-Sensor: Yes
Proximity sensor: Yes
Compass: Yes
Status Indication LED: Yes
Gesture control: Yes
Gesture sensing: Yes
Rear camera: 14.0 MP with auto focus
Front facing camera: 5.0 MP
Battery: Li-Polymer 2650 mAh


for me this is the first Chinese phone where the build quality is on the same level as on other premium or popular brands like Apple or Samsung. Also in my personal opinion this phone is beautiful, really it is and I think you will also agree with me. Some will notice that iOcean X8 looks very similar to Sony Z or Z1. As for build quality I have already said that is on high-level as other already known companies. This phone has on front and rear side a Gorilla glass III protection. While the edges are made from stainless steel. It has a large full HD screen with size of 5.7 inch. although it has a huge screen the device is not much bigger than other devices with smaller screens so you don't need to worry. Below the screen are three buttons and above the screen are sensors with front camera. On the left side is slot for sim cards and on the right side are buttons for sound volume and for power on off. On the rear side there is main camera with the led flashlight also in the centre is logo of IOcean company. I think you will love this smartphone :)










as I said before Iocean x8 has 5.7 inch screen and in my personal opinion this is really a large screen. It has full HD resolution, it is LTPS screen with Gorilla glass III protection. So you can use it with gloves especially in winter. During use I got the impression that this screen has no problems at all while playing games or watching movies and for other everyday use. Brightness and the viewing angle are excellent. The screen has all other features like other flagship phones.


it has the same hardware as Iocean x7s. The only difference between these devices are internal memory. So this device has 32 GB of internal memory and there is available approximately 24 GB. So, it has a octa core CPU with speed of 1.7 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and Mali 450. So this combination proved to be good, for everyday use, watching HD movies, web surfing, and of course for gaming will work like a charm. :D I have played GTA San Andreas and worked super, I really enjoyed playing. Also I had made several benchmarks that with Antutu Benchmark and with Vellamo Benchmark applications which you can download from Google play. Test results are slightly weaker than on x7s. But it is quiet normal because x8 has a larger screen.











on official website you can see that they have wrote that there is possibility of purchasing one of two versions. where the main difference is in 3G frequencies. So in first version 3G can work on 900 MHz/2100mhz while the second version for 3G can work on 850/2100. But in this moment the second version is only available and from company they told me that they will see how much interests will be for the first version and then they will decide will they start to produce wcdma model or not. But I think the most of you will not have any problems with second version. this is dual sim device which use one micro sim card and one nano sim card. It has all other features like wifi and Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and the only news is NFC. Which in this moment I did not tested. But all functions works as they should work.


Iocean has front and rear camera. front camera has 5 megapixel sensor while the main camera has 14.2 megapixel sensor with led flashlight. It has all features like auto focus zooming white balance and other. the front camera is good and you can make selfies photos and it can be good for Skype or other video calls. While the main or back camera makes excellent photos with enough light but in dark or with not enough light photos are just solid because the led is not enough strong unfortunately.















the device has non-removable battery. Battery has a capacity of 2650mAh. They could put a stronger battery but this one for now holds good with every use it last at least one day. Some people don't like non-removable batteries because if something goes wrong with phone then it can have problems to remove the battery. But with some knowledge and Youtube he can do it. In my personal opinion I don't have any problems with non-removable batteries. I rather want a stronger battery in thins phone.


in my personal opinion iOcean X8 is really a nice phone with many positive things. Positive things are good build quality, elegant design, powerful hardware, really good camera and excellent screen. the bad things about this phone are buttons on the front side below the screen which don't have a backlight, led flashlight is not enough strong and in very low light places the photos are just solid. And last negative thing is non-removable battery but this is not the main negative thing because some people don't like it and other don't mind about that like me. The price for this phone is around 300$ depends on shop.

The review was spotted on Major Droid.


And you can visit iOcean official website for more info here: http://www.iocean.cc/X8_en.html

If you have any questions please ask

I hope that you like this review. :)

Thank you :)

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