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htc desire 610 forum

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hey, does anyone know if there is going to be an htc desire 610 forum? i have this phone brought in the UK on three and i cant find anything anywhere other than unboxing videos -__- lol if it helps, i am looking to root my phone to get rid of some of the htc crap that is preloaded (kids mode, htc guide, stocks, scribble, and a lot of other random crap) that i haven't even opened but is still taking up space on my ridiculously small memory (3gb usable out of 8gb is stupid) and possibly look to install cyanogenmod once people start developing for this phone, i miss my cyanogen :( I came from a moto g running android 4.4.2 kitkat rooted and running TWRP recovery and slimkat (which I have to say is so so smooth :) ) if anyone else has this phone, comment below, or if you know how to request a forum for a specific device please let me know :)


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