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Sistem storage vs internal memory

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I've already tried swapping sd card and that gived me more memory for my apps ..but the phone keeps telling me that the sistem storage it's low,i've downloaded CleanMaster from PlayStore and i've found out that I only got aprox 1 gb of that memory and i running out very fast..after I install my apps i got like 170 mb free and i have to clean it every day.

Any suggestions?

My phone Zte Blade V 

Firmware Cosmote v.3.0

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Use one app2sd to move applications on external sd card?How did you format the sd card?I tried the mini tool partition but the phone does not recognize the card.He says the SD card is damaged and must be formatted,after losing formatting ext4 partition.I did the same operation on a motorola xt311 with android 2.3.5 successfully but fail balde v(jb 4.1.2).It worked on Zte Blade V to move applications to the SD card with app2sd, but formatted card in motorola xt 311.Now I have no Moto xt 311 and no sd card with ext3/4 partition.Any help, suggestions!?

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