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How to enable and add multiple users to your Moto G: Quick guide

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I wanted to add a clean user account for clutter-free screencasting from my Moto G, so here's how I did it (You NEED root and also need to know how to use ADB):

1/ Enabled USB Debugging, and connect via USB


2/ Type: 

adb shell

3/ Type:


SuperSU may ask you to allow this - do so.



4/ Type the following, EXACTLY in order, EXACTLY as shown - ( [return] means press the return key ):

mount -o remount,rw /system [return]
echo lockscreen.rot_override=true >> /system/build.prop && echo fw.max_users=8 >> /system/build.prop && reboot [return]

Your Moto G will reboot. You should now be able to see "Users" in the settings menu, and the lock screen should be able to rotate, which is necessary to select a user to login as. You are now multi user enabled :D



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