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Hi All,


Just picked up a Hudl since Tesco has recently dropped the price and seem to keep giving me vouchers off electrical items. This will be replacing my Nook HD but the odd thing is the performance score in Epic Citadel. I know benchmarks aren't everything but I get roughly 38 fps no matter if I choose the performance or quality setting. Seems a bit odd to me since the 3DMark benchmark says the two devices are very closely matched. If anything the Hudl performs better. In comparison, the Nook HD averages 58 fps in the quality benchmark.


Has anyone else noticed this? Is there some hard-coded limit?


I do appreciate that I have the Nook HD on KitKat via CyanogenMod, but with the Helios rom on my Hudl, there shouldn't be any wasteful cruft to lower performance.



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KitKat is why, it's much more optimised for devices with lower memory (i.e. 1GB or less), Hudl is running Jelly Bean which doesn't have that optimisation. Apparently we're not gonna get KitKat either so there's probably not much you can do about it.

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