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ZTE Q705U Factory Firmware flashing

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Just to have it around and to help others if something goes wrong...




Google translation:


ZTE Q705U will inevitably encounter various problems in the process of our daily use. 

This tutorial will teach you how to use the official ZTE rom flash to solve the ZTE Q705U

system error, when the phone can't start or soft brick and other system problems.





1: If your phone can not normally enter the system, then prepare SC card with more than 1GB

    free capacity

2: Download ZTE Q705U official rom firmware package, click here to download ,

    unzip it in a folder, and then find the file update.zip in the folder

3: Copy update.zip to the SD card root directory, if you are using a root directory data cable to the computer,

    you can directly through the data cable into the phone's sd card update.zip next. (Note that you must be

    the root directory or can not brush)

4: The phone is in the off state, and then press the power button and the top of the side of the raised keys.

    Phone into goes recovery mode, as shown below:





5: Press the side button to access the menu options, as shown




6: Press the side buttons for moving throgh menu, to the actual storage location of the SD card pack,

   chose [apply update from sdcard], confirm that, after entering the SD card catalog where you downloaded the

   upgrade package, select update.zip using the power button. Select update.zip and press the power button to start the upgrade.




7: about 1 to 2 minutes after the completion of the upgrade, the phone will automatically restart.

8: System flash is finished, return to the main recovery interface, select reboot system now and restart the phone into the normal boot

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IS this China UNicom version, without Google Play Services support?

Can;t seem to find the international version, though many stores are selling models with Gservices support.

Anyone with links or referrals. Thks.

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