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Error - memory db dump (no sd card)

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Hi guys, seems i really managed to crash my S500. 

I rooted it, i installed titanium, i backed up apps and then i started to uninstall them. When i reached the Orange Core app (or something like that) it started to vibrate and it showed me a BSOD with a memory dump and countdown from 7 seconds i think. When it got to 0, it just froze like that and i dont know what to do next. I dont have a memory card, what can i do :|


I tried to follow a soft-brick tutorial but i got stuck at the 1st stept where the link with the firmware is expired. 




Edit: Just a remove-battery fix worked...lol. Thanks google. 


Sry about the topic, but hardbricking an android device really freaks me out. 

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