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Gallant DUO: newbie help for first cooked rom from stock rom

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Hi gurus,


I've finally a second phone so I start the studies on Android hacking on my old phone: the DUO.


Before to root, compile kernels and so I'd like to try something easier so I downloaded the file OS_Acer_AV041.E350.1.000.22.WW.GEN1_A40I_A   and it includes the previous update package, a tool for update the phone and the stock ROM.

The idea is to unpack the stock ROM, try to change something, repack it and to flash it back using the Acer tool.


Is this idea consistent?


If yes, what I need to pack/unpack? Is that yaffs or ext4?




for those who want to answer me to read the forum or to search through google, I've already did it but if Android OS is a fragmented world, the informations are really more caotic..

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