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[FREE][GAME][2.3+] 3D Bowling Simulator

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Hello Everybody!

I just published my new free game: 3D Bowling Simulator


The Only Bowling Simulator with 3D Animated Characters!

Select your character among 11 (Only the 2 first characters are available when you start. Play the game to unlock the others)

Share you score among your friends on the Leaderboards.

Have fun and please do not hesitate to rate it on GooglePlay!



Thierry Brochart

Gamayun productions


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Happy New Year Everybody!


Here is a quick post to tell you that I published a new version of my 3D Bowling Simulator 2.0

I added the feature some of you asked me:

* better physics, faster Gameplay

* a camera view to help aiming at the pins

* possibility to skip the cinematics to play a game much faster

* fixed a bug of camera freeze sometimes when we launch the ball




I hope you guys will like it.





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Thanks to you guys, already 1250 scores uploaded to the leaderboards, and congrats to  Walter, Chris, Kenneth and Karsten as they scored a perfect score of 300 !

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