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HELP!! LG L3 e400 not booting fully and stuck on CM9 mascot screen and a few questions

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HELP!! LG L3 e400 not booting fully and stuck on CM9 mascot screen the background is moving but it never goes to the homescreen! sometimes after a little while it keeps playing the battery low sound (Yeah its battery IS low) after almost regular intervals! I can feel the vibrattion that happens when unlocking a pattern and I think I have unlocked it many times but only thing that appears is that Cyanogen Mod 9 boot screen! Anybody help!

Also if I update it once again with a new cyanogen 9 using CWM copy will it delete my data and apps that I've moved to SDcard using Force2Sd ?
and what If I install SDmerg on the new installation after that, will it still not delete data?

and if I back up my data using titanium backup, will it backup moved apps (moved by force2sd app) after that?

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